Customer Loyalty Assessment

Please click here for a complimentary copy of a presentation of our customer interview approach.

Interactive customer interviews assess loyalty and whether a company is viewed as a supplier of choice, convenience or necessity.

  • Customer Leverage – Some customers do not have a choice while others work to include specific suppliers into their plan. Measuring customer leverage can highlight the value of loyalty and areas of opportunity to win additional volume.
  • Competitive Positioning – Our approach encourages customers to share aspects of their supplier strategy and rank how a company compares to its competitors.
  • Customer Sensitivity – Each customer has different decision criteria. Common points are price, volatility, lead time, payment terms, inventory and geography. Customers also identify their supplier expectations and how a company's business development approach compares to other suppliers. This analysis provides insight into the specific message that should be customized for strategic accounts.
  • Customer Developments – Customer surveys identify strategic plans and the amount of "safe" business, "at risk" business and "potential wins" for each customer. This segmentation helps the sales and business development teams prioritize.

The reason that Cost & Capital Partners is able to engage customers is that we spend just as much time supporting clients on the buying side as we do on the selling side. The insight we have provided using this approach has been used to help organizations efficiently deploy resources, ensure the sales team is leading with information customers find valuable and show how to get ahead of the RFP. Please click here for more information on our approach.