Companies spend ten times as much for sales training compared to sourcing training - is your team equipped to handle the latest selling strategies?

Cost & Capital Partners is focused on personnel development to create lasting value for our clients. In addition to the knowledge transfer that occurs during a project, we have also developed more formalized classroom training. Each of our training modules is based on real-world complex cases, uses exercises for the team to apply tools and is taught by experienced negotiators.
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Supply Chain Acumen Skills Assessment
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A successful supply chain organization requires unique skills and expertise from its members to ensure alignment with the company's strategic objectives. To gain a competitive advantage in the market, an organization must be able to utilize the right tools, perform thorough analyses quickly, and execute. We have developed an assessment that each team member can take to gauge their level of ability across several supply chain management tools. This assessment will highlight which tools are currently being applied successfully and which tools need development on an individual basis.
The assessment uses real world examples to assess an individual's ability to:
  1. Develop a category sourcing strategy
  2. Apply inventory reduction tools
  3. Track changing costs and engage suppliers
  4. Collect and present benchmarking data
  5. Understand when to accept early pay discounts
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This sample assessment is only a small example of our comprehensive only supply chain skills assessment tool. The full assessment:
  • Contains over 140 case-based questions
  • Covers the following categories: Cost Analysis, Benchmarking, Value Chain Analysis, Best Cost Footprint, Component Localization, Sources of Leverage, Supplier Financials/Financial Acumen, Fact-Based Negotiations, Cost Drivers Over Time, Supply Base Consolidation, Supplier Risk Identification & Management, Cash Management, Activity Based Costing, and Commodity Strategies
  • Reveals major and minor supply chain skills deficiencies
  • Deliver clear reports
  • A convenient and effective way to benchmark an entire procurement organization
  • Enables tailor-made training solutions

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