Course: Supplier Risk Identification and Management

Uncovering supplier financial distress takes knowledge and finesse with suppliers.

Course Outline:

  1. Signs of Supplier Distress
  2. Financial Statement Forensics
  3. Common Bankruptcy Scenarios
  4. Predictive Bankruptcy Metrics
  5. Public vs. Private Company Approach
  6. Analysis Templates

Exercise Example:

  • Supplier Stress Testing:
    In this exercise, the class compares financials of three companies to rank which have the greatest risk of insolvency.

Expectations Upon Completion:

  • Skills to apply standard metrics for public and private suppliers
  • Ability to engage suppliers to review financial distress
  • Knowledge to use stress frameworks to organize supplier data
  • Capability to identify signs of stress from supplier financials
  • Capacity to implement risk mitigation based on supplier scenarios
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